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Harris is the product of public libraries and pop culture.  His love for words started In kindergarten where he would weave his school “oral compositions” and other writing activities into his play. Newspapers, TV studios, screenplays, poetry, etc. Harris has turned his love for playing with words into a lifelong commitment to learning in both the higher education and self-taught realms.  

When not working at home on his small business, posting on Twitter, or writing for people, Harris is creating lyrics, toplines, or full songs for whoever will let him.  


Academic Writing

The Function of Letter Writing in Spiritual Expression

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How To Solve the Mystery of the Writing Process

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Band Bios & Promotional Materials

10 things you need to make your band bio sing! (with examples)

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Web Copywriting


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Turning creative thoughts into creative writing.

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Never stop creating and imagining.


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